Small and Medium Business Loans

The loans within this product is eligible in all Sectors of the Bank. MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which the purpose is for Sustainable economic, social and inclusive development. Our MSME is specially designed for the MSME interested in  starting or expanding his/her business.

Loan Features

Inclusive Development Credit Facility

This sector includes Education, Health, and community development. One the particular is the Women and Youth where the purpose of this loan is to empower women and youth to set up micro projects for livelihood and income generating. The scheme is a collaboration between DBS, Central bank of Samoa, SLAC and the MWCSD.

Loan Features

Agriculture Value Chain

Agriculture value chain is designed to support the value chain for Taro and cocoa to meet demand and supply for exports. Additional products will be included in the future. The current value chain has identified three partners comprising of DBS, anchor business and farmers (Crops, vegetables, etc).

Loan Features


  • Application letter for loan
  • Copy of Passport bio page
  • Birth Certificate
  • Recent passport photo size
  • Character reference from village mayor or parish minister
  • Copies of annual accounts of last 2 years or Income Tax returns with the Ministry of Customs and Revenue
  • Payslip
  • Confirmation letter from employer
  • Business License (current)
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Consent to credit checks with other financial institutions
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Valuation of assets offered to secure the loan
  • Insurance policy
  • Recent valuation of freehold property Consent by third party to use property as security for loan of applicant
  • Consent to guarantee loan of applicant
  • Quotes from suppliers of materials to build proposed development


Livestock, Farm, Crops, Vegetables, etc
Fishing, Fishing Boats, Fish Farming, etc
Inclusive and Social Development
Education, Health, Financial Institution and Community
Industry Other
Retail, Food, Clothing, Transportation
Hotel, Beach Fale, Accommodation

"Our products provide guidelines to support the Bank mandate in development financing. It applies with reference to the DBS Credit Risk Management Policy and related policies approved by the Board".

For further information, please contact the DBS Lending Team via email;

Aiufi Kelekolio | Manager Loans Administration | Email – aiufik@dbsamoa.ws
Goretti Godinet-Fau | Manager Loans Management | Email – gorettif@dbsamoa.ws
Migao Tiotio | Manager Savaii Branch | Email – migaot@dbsamoa.ws

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