Development Bank of Samoa Stakeholders

  • Government of Samoa (Link)
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries (Link)
  • Samoa Tourism Authority (Link)
  • Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development (Link)
  • Samoa National Provident Fund (Link)
  • Ministry of Public Enterprise (Link)
  • Ministry of Natural Resource & Environment (Link)
  • Ministry of Finance (Link)
  • Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (Link)
  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour (Link)

Development Bank of Samoa Partners


  • Central Bank of Samoa (Link) 
  • Samoa National Provident Fund (Link)
  • European Investment Bank (Link)
  • Asian Development Bank (Link)
  • World Bank (Link)
  • Small Business Enterprise Centre (Link)
  • Community and NGOs

Development Bank of Samoa is a member of:

  • Association of Development Financial Institutions of the Pacific (ADFIP) 
  • Association of Development Financial Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) (Link)
  • Samoa Chamber of Commerce (Link)
  • Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters (SAME) (Link)
  • National Financial Inclusion Taskforce
  •  SITA  (Samoa Information Technology Association)  (Link)
  • Samoa Institute of Accountants (Link)
  • Association of Development Financing in Asia & Pacific (Link)
  • Samoa Association of Manufacturers & Exporters (Link)

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