Our Affiliations

The DBS is a member of the Association of Development Financial Institutions of the Pacific (ADFIP), the Association of Development Financial Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP), the Samoa Chamber of Commerce, the Samoa Association of Manufacturers, the National Financial Inclusion Taskforce.  The nature of the DBS role requires close collaboration and partnerships for development initiatives.  The DBS works closely with the following stakeholders and development partners.

  1. Asian Development Bank
  2. Central Bank of Samoa
  3. Community and NGOs
  4. European Investment Bank
  5. Government of Samoa
  6. Ministry of Agriculture
  7. Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour
  8. Ministry of Finance
  9. Ministry of Natural Resource & Environment
  10. Ministry of the Prime Minister
  11. Ministry of Public Enterprise
  12. Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development
  13. Samoa National Provident Fund
  14. Samoa Tourism Authority
  15. Small Business Enterprise Centre
  16. World Bank